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CLP Video No 118: Podcasts concepts in action II

CLP Podcast No 54: Time warp and turn value
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Much like golf the difference between the skill level of top recreational players and professionals in poker has to do with mental control
For a recreational player like me, I found the site to be incredibly useful. The sheer amount of content and the way that it is organized makes the monthly subscription price an absolute steal for anyone that is serious about improving their game. CrushLivePoker is the only site that concentrates on the specific nuisances of live poker.
—Geoff Lay is a great option for infusing both fundamentals and advanced plays for today's tougher no limit holdem cash games. Both amateurs and professionals alike will find the content to be refreshing and mind provoking to help you crush the games in your area.
—Matt Affleck
Listening and watching Bart Hanson's training material will improve your cash game abilities whether you are a beginner, trying to learn to beat small stakes, or an advanced player already beating the high stakes. Bart has an excellent ability to break down complex situations and make them understandable to everyone.
—Jonathan Little