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Help with hand that I lost

Tom H Posts: 45Subscriber
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
2/5 NL local No. California card room.

Me: 40's white guy. Playing vs mostly unknown as this is a different time than I usually play. Probably tighter image mostly because I have been card dead, but I have been caught bluffing in good spots, as well as varied my river sizing to get paid when river hits me. $450 stack.
Villain 1: Younger Asian guy who has run me over once before. He is a good LAG player who's style has purpose. Has me covered.
Villain 2: 30's white guy. Decent LAG who raises ATC and doesn't give up easily. He has me covered as well.
V1 limps. V2 OTB raises to $20. I call in the BB with AdiamondJdiamond. V2 acts a little bothered to call but does.
Flop($60) is 7diamond4club4heart and it gets checked around.
Turn is the Qdiamond. I bet $35. V1 thinks a bit and makes it $75 total. V1 calls without much hesitation. I call the extra $40 into $245.
River($285) is the 7diamond...My move?


  • STL_Bob Posts: 26Subscriber
    I think your hand is pretty well defined looking at it from the perspective of V1. He has to peg your range as trips, diamonds, mid-pair the majority of the time when you bet-call turn.

    His check on the flop as well as the slightly larger than min raise is suspicious.

    As played I am check folding here.
  • Tom H Posts: 45Subscriber
    I find myself in an ability range of too often being in "Conscience Incompetence" in that I know I need to focus on putting opponents on ranges in bigger hands such as this instead of just making snap decisions based on bet sizing. As stated from the few times I've played vs V1, he is a thinking LAG. Being pegged as such, what are his grudging check-call ranges on which I can place him that smack this board?
    A4ss/A7ss he either raises up front or snap calls.
    More connected and suited small cards are well in his range.
    K4ss and Q4ss are the types of hands he could react how he did before reluctantly calling.
    I do not see him calling a raise with J4ss thru 84ss.
    Therefore on the flop it's only K4spade Q4spade and possibly 74spade, or nothing
    I believe he would check this flop with trips to CR V2,
    When he raises the turn we can now toss in K7spade and Q7spade
    Here's what bugs me along with not giving much more thought to his range, and that is the river action:
    I check planning on a reluctant call on a small bet. He bets $200 into $285. V2 folds as do I to a larger bet than I imagined. Now in hindsight, would a decent player with a full house, after raising the on the turn, now make such a large river bet? By what does he expect to get called? Both of his opponents played the hand fairly passive. My sample vs V1 is not huge, but I've seen enough to know he puts thought into his actions, and I can't now imagine he'd scare out worse to call here. Alas, I am not sharp enough to discern any of this in the moment. He showed Q3club.
  • JCW Posts: 591Subscriber
    You called them both LAGs. If they are LAGs why would they check flop?

    As played I would bet river and hope to get called by a smaller flush. It is unlikely you will get raised as a bluff since you can easy have a 7 nosuit in your hand. Like $75.

    Otherwise you need to check/call or check fold. But this way it tougher as they might not bet their flushes.
  • chilidog Posts: 2,427Subscriber
    Your move is to go all in. You're free rolling here. If someone calls , you just point out that the deck is fouled, if nobody calls , u rake the pot.

    [my question is: do we have an ethical obligation to point out the foul deck, or is that part of live poker? If we don't point it out, are we complicit in any cheating that is being done?]
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