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10/20 LHE river thin value - c/f, c/c, or b/f, or b/c

reedmylipsreedmylips Posts: 1,145Subscriber
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
This comes up for me often in LHE. My medium to strong hand that I've been betting the entire way and getting called in 1-3 spots turns into a bluff catcher on the river. I get lost. Trying to squeak out one or two more BB in a session...

10/20 LHE, 8-handed. I've only been here about 30 minutes

UTG (regfishdonk-looking) limps, HJ (older, fairly predictable-looking player) raises, I 3-bet TT in SB, UTG calls, HJ calls. Pot is 10 small bets.

Flop AT8r. I lead, UTG calls, HJ calls. Pot is 13 small bets.

Turn K. I lead, UTG calls, HJ calls. Pot is 10.5 big bets.

River Q. Should I:

1) check/call to induce a bluff or get value from HJ 2-pair... (seems terrible)
2) check/fold to save a bet because players aren't betting thinly here and are only betting if the have a J
3) bet/fold because I'm only getting raised by a better hand and I'm getting called by all 2-pair hands
4) bet/call to get value from 2-pair hands and because my pot odds would be like 12.5:1 on calling and one of these fish might be "trapping" with AK

Situations like this come up often, where my strong hand gets weaker and weaker given the board texture, yet the pot get bigger and bigger...

TY! cool
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