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Big O hand.. do I just fold or shove?

ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,086Subscriber
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
BigO is 5 card PLO8 so its a split pot game..

an aggressive player opens to 20 and when he does this he usually has A2 wheel hands.. I am next to act and I have A258T double suited.. so I call.. 4 others call.. I have nut in dias with the ATdd.. the other cards are all clubs..

flop comes QdiamondJdiamond2spade and now villain pots it.. this usually means he has a big hand or draw.. but what draw could he have since I have the royal nut flush draw.. he also doesnt fold to aggression so I decide to just flat and see what happens on the turn.

Turn 3 clubs.. so now I have nut flush gutshot straight and my low is probably good too.. so 8 outs to chop and I assume 9 outs to win give or take a card if he has a set.. now he shoves for like 240.. pot is already bigger than than and I have to say do I think I have at least 30% equity? getting 2:1 I call

9c on the turn.. and he said he missed his flush draw.. but he had a set of JJ .. opps he missed his straight he hit on the river.. and scoops the pot..

so I am wondering if I know this guy is very aggressive can I fold the flop? should I fold the flop knowing that an all in is coming on the turn? he had dias too so our dias not generally going to hit and he had a wrap draw with his set.. but I had back door low and wheel draws..

probably need bart to tell me if my assumption on my equity was correct given the range I thought he had..

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