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Crush Live Poker Video No. 270: "To check or not check back the turn"

BartBart Posts: 6,077AdministratorLeadPro
edited November 2016 in Crush Live Poker Videos
This week Bart takes a look at checking back the turn. He examines taken from a recent deep stack $1-$3 live NL game.



  • poshlustr Posts: 2Subscriber
    Is anyone else having difficulty with these videos working?
  • BartBart Posts: 6,077AdministratorLeadPro
    poshlustr said:
    Is anyone else having difficulty with these videos working?
    What seems to be the issue? You can email me at support@crushlivepoker.com
  • Deorum Posts: 47Subscriber
    I use android devices, both a tablet and a phone, and sometimes the video won't load on the Crush Live Poker Videos home screen even though the page has finished loading; I'll just get a space where the video should be. When this happens, the images on the thumbnails for the videos below where the video should be also do not load. However, if I click on the link to the video (which is always first on the list of videos below where the video should be) taking me to that video's own page it will always load there. I'll try to remember to take a screen shot the next time it happens in case my description above is not clear.
  • Deorum Posts: 47Subscriber
    edited November 2016
    Like this

    ... hmm that didn't work. Let me try again.
  • Deorum Posts: 47Subscriber
    800 x 1280 - 607K
    800 x 1280 - 656K
  • BlackBoxEquity Posts: 165Subscriber

    Had a few questions from this video that got me thinking about common spots I am in...sorry if it's late, getting caught up.

    Hand 2 (starts 12:35)
    Pre-Flop: Lon (UTG) opens and gets a slew of callers
    Flop: checks to Bojana who takes the lead (14:15) and bets 20 (small)
    Question 1: Harlan calling is pretty standard, right? You've gotta think Bojana has an Ace fairly often when she bets, so raising as a bluff is not really going to be effective at these stakes when someone has top pair. Just curious if you think raising is ever optimal in this specific spot.

    Valerie now raises to 65, Bojana quickly calls
    Question 2: Harlan calling again is also pretty standard, right? Are you ever folding or raising in his spot? I know you preach that when you are facing a bet/raise and a call, you are usually up against at least a decent made hand and a solid draw. In this case, there are no flush draws, so you have the best draw possible. Just want to get your thoughts on the call.

    Hand 5 (37:00)
    Question 3: On the flop (38:00), I find myself wanting to min-raise from Bojana's spot with top pair and the open-ended straight draw (whether the pre-flop raiser bets or in this case the field bettor takes the lead) to build the pot for my hand, knowing I can get called by some Jacks (even if some are ahead now like AJ, KJ, QJ) and flush draws. What are your thoughts on that?
    Question 4: On the turn, when Bill H now checks and Bojana bets 60 into 129 (41:00). Bill is getting 3.15:1 to call (needs 24% in immediate odds), but only has 20% equity. Is the call OK given he only needs to make an additional 80 on the river if he makes the flush? On this type of board, even when the flush comes, I guess you should feel fairly confident that someone will pay off with the straight, but if the board was not as connected, is this ever a fold given your lack of immediate odds and low implied odds even when the flush completes? I feel like I call too often in this spot, no matter what, with the nut flush draw and I'm trying to get some perspective on when to fold it. This is a good example, assuming the board was not as coordinated, because the bet is on the smaller side and enticing, the math is close, but you still don't have the correct odds to call.

    Hand 6 (43:00)
    Question 5: Pre-Flop: Swiftly makes the large raise to 37...how often are you calling in Watbri's spot with 22? Sure, you are in position and have 15x effective stacks in a passive game where it doesn't seem like players behind are 3b/squeeze happy...is it bad fold if I would would drop this hand 90% of the time in this spot (against a large raise from a competent player in UTG+1)? Wondering if I am over-folding.

  • BlackBoxEquity Posts: 165Subscriber
  • BartBart Posts: 6,077AdministratorLeadPro
    Sorry Bud.

    Q1-- She didn't fold to Val's raise so at this level, no I am most likely not semi bluffing boards that are dry to get someone off of top pair. Up at 5-10 against guys that are scared of me there may be some frequency of me raising as a semi bluff and putting crazy pressure on them on later streets. But you have to have stack depth to make that play work, something this game really didn't have.

    Q2--This seems like a perfect spot to call. I think aggressive action theorem most likely holds true in these games. Even though to us it looks like a super strong line to back raise in between, when players at this level are almost always repping AK+ with a post flop raise--in this particular game no way am I raising.

    Q3-- If I was raising J9 on this board it would be as a semi bluff so that I can get better hands to fold. A min raise isnt going to do that. Most of the time I would call.

    Q4-- Yes I would call. Her bet on the turn normally is indicative of at least two pair, usually a straight. You can almost always extract a little value at the end vs those hands at these levels.

    Q5-- I think its close. This hand is a bit odd because of the straddle to $7. I think where people go wrong is calling too much w a hand like 22 when a pf raiser can be wide. Like if he opens in a steal spot from late position. There I would pitch 22 more often than not. Here, this guy opened UTG, if he was tight I very well might call. This could be a steal though because of the straddle or it could mean he is indeed strong because the stakes of the game are kicked up this hand. We want the player who is strong in this spot to profitably flat w 22.
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