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My new mental game trick

The Clubber Posts: 110Member
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
So one of my mental game goals lately is to try to avoid mistakes from becoming emotionally too invested in a hand and be a bit more Spock-like in my decisions. I am trying to work on the skill of being in the moment and observing the moment simultaneously. So when I sit down at the table, I imagine Bart's voice in my head as if he's commentating on my hands at LATB. I always start with "Hello everyone and welcome to ... Today we'll be following Dave as he plays ..."

Can't say that it works 100%, but it does help me to lift myself out of the mental / emotional fog from time to time.


  • milbanks Posts: 4Member
    Sounds pretty similar to what I used to do/still do some times: I will imagine the entire poker community looking over my should, or pretend that I will be forced to post this hand online. I'll ask myself "Would I be embarrassed to post this hand on 2+2?" and if the answer is yes I usually re-evaluate my line.
  • CruelUltimatum Posts: 160Subscriber
    Since we're sharing mental game tricks, I try not to categorize people as fish or donkeys, but rather I note their games and say "this player is exploitable because he calls with weak holdings, so I can exploit that by value betting more." That way if the guy does suck out on you by rivering two pair or whatever, you're still detached from the result because you're just trying to exploit the guy and your thought process focused on that and less on "this fish keeps getting lucky and is taking my money."
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