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flush hits turn as i turn nut straight and nut flush redraw

Drew5harkDrew5hark Posts: 575Subscriber
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
I'm not sure how to edit the topic but the flush was flopped

Villain in this hand has 400 in a 1/2 uncapped game that has played pretty big. Hero covers.

Hero is utg +1 and raises with KclubQdiamond to 7 and 5 callers.

The flop is AclubTclub8club (POT 42) Hero leads 26, CO calls, BB calls and mutters something under his breath like "get lucky"

Pot (120) ....Turn is the amazing Jspade BB checks, hero bets 75, btn folds and BB pauses and raises to 150; hero pauses and calls

Pot (420) RIver is the 3heart BB leads 140 and has 100 behind...Hero tanks and calls.

I will post results after but just want a few thoughts. Villain seems like a decent player that will splash it around on occasion. I do not think he is check raising the turn as a bluff or with a draw but I haven't played many hands with him and I've been playing solid and have a winning image and I am sure I seem strong to him. On the turn, I think he has a strong hand and by the river I am pretty much discounting bluffs FWIW. Comments on all streets appreciated.

The villain also, FWIW had, (1) 100 chip, (4) 25 chips and (8) 5 chips left and left his 100 chip behind on the bet which I thought was a bit strange.


  • TDF Posts: 1,130Subscriber
    I usually bet close to pot size on monotone boards (if I bet). I also call river. Even if you loose the pot you will get very valuable information on villain.
  • JCW Posts: 591Subscriber
    Even without reads everything about this seems like he flopped a small/Mid flush.
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