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Thin vbet vs really good player or just check it back?

AKtion Posts: 15Member
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Live 2-5 euro game in local casino, vil is young internet winning player in both plo cash and nlhe tournament. He aint a reg but he is definetly good, also he seemed active in late position from what ive seen the last orbits.

Blinds €2.00 / €5.00
10 players
CO: €1,020.00
Hero is OTB with: €860.00 and AhTs

UTG folds
UTG+1 folds
MP1 folds
MP2 cals €5
MP3 folds
HJ folds
CO raises to €20.00
OTB raises to €60.00
SB folds
BB folds
MP2 folds
CO calls €40.00
Pot is €132.00


CO checks
OTB bets €70.00
CO calls €70.00
Pot is €272.00


CO checks
OTB checks
Pot is €272.00


CO checks
OTB bets €160.00
Pot is €432.00


  • The Clubber Posts: 110Member
    If you bet, what worse hands do you expect to look you up? pocket 6s - 8s? There's no real draws on the flop. Would he hero call with AK or AQ? What is your image? have you been 3-betting your button often?

    I would expect you often have the best hand and you often can't get called by worse. The only reason I can see to bet the river - and it's a reason I've never heard mentioned in Bart's material - is so you don't have to show your opponent and your table that ATo is part of your button 3bet range.
  • AKtion Posts: 15Member
    I do think given my image as a "im here to have fun playing poker" guy he is probably calling with 77-88, 66 is questionable but it might be in his range as well.
    My hand looks a lot like AK or some big overpair im pot controling with (i would never do that, but he doesnt know that) , at the moment i believed i have the best hand and he is gonna look me up light with any 77-88. Since in my eyes his range consists of 77-88-JJ or maybe AQs-AKo i think when called im ahead 50% of the times.
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