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1/2 100BB cap TT vs fish in LP

Qw3Rtzui0p Posts: 36Member
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Hello I played a hand against fish..

I have got 200€ fish about 100€ and there is and old tight guy who cover us..

Fish open in MP for 10€, Im in the CO with TT and I made a call.. SB old guy overcalls..

Flop 98ddx old guy checks.. Fish bets 20€ to pot 31€.. I made and iso raise of 40€.. He is bad enough to dont fold 9x hand or some FD.. SD.. I would make and all in raise if there is not an old guy.. He folded and fish went all in for rest of his stack and I made a call..


  • WackabrewWackabrew Posts: 400Subscriber
    Sorry, maybe I don't understand the question. Are you asking if you played this OK?

    If the fish is bad enough to overplay 9x and FD/SD hands, then I think this is fine
  • LucasE Posts: 167Member
    Few thoughts.

    First, 'fish' isn't a read and isn't giving us any information. It's also not all that helpful for you to be thinking in terms of 'this player is a fish'. Instead, focus on identifying players through reads and tendencies. You could say 'this is a passive player, who calls down with weak holdings, and draws with poor odds'. Now we know something and can work with it.

    For the hand itself, I'm likely 3betting preflop for value. Stack sizes are a little awkward because villain has 50bb and already put in 10% of his stack, but oh well, we're going to be ahead of his calling range.

    On the flop, you aren't 'iso raising'. You're raising for value against villain. We aren't worried about the SB here and we aren't making a raise to get him out of the pot. We're raising to get villain to call us with a range of worse hands. Normally I would suggest a bigger raise sizing than a min-raise, but because villain is short stacked it's probably alright as long as you plan to call when he shoves.

    For your practice, give us some range analysis and reads. What do you know about villain that makes you call him a 'fish' that we can use to help in this hand? What range do you give him preflop? What range do you think he cbets and then 3bet shoves over your bet?
  • Qw3Rtzui0p Posts: 36Member
    I apology for the 1st post..

    Guy makes a lot of limping.. Calling 50€ pre flop all in with JTo.. Making like limp / call 3bet with SCs etc.. Really bad player..

    I was raising to play only with him.. I dont want to call and have a SB in cause there is too many draws.. And I could be easily in the dark on the turn.. So I made a raise to fold to the SB re raise and I was expecting a open raiser to call mostly.. If he calls then I know that I have the best hand here.. If he shoves Im in the dark little bit.. But I have to call that hand..
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