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We got monster flops v a Straight forward gent at 2/5..thoughts?

CashDonk Posts: 6Member
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Alright, Hero is younger looking (we're 33) and has been trying to build a winning image, but can't really get any traction going in the session. Making the 2nd best hand, having to fold, etc. Anyways, been chipping back from being about $1200. Villain in this hand is in his 50s. Pretty straight forward player, doesn't make moves, plays like your typical rec player I would say.

Villain: $1200
Hero: $1500

Villain raises from UTG+1 to $20. MP and CO flat. We are on the Button and flat w/ J9ss. BB defends and we go to the flop 4ways

Pot: ~$80

Flop: Jd 8s 4s

Villain bets $35. Folds to us. We make it $95 (Now looking at it seems pretty small, and prolly should of made it more) BB folds. Villain 3bets to $230. Herooo....

I'm kind of torn here on what to do. I feel his range really looks like overpairs here, but his sizing seems to be a bit strong. I'm tempted to 4bet here b/c he usually has 1 pair hands, but as Bart and many preach, its tough to bluff people off of overpairs in certain situations. I feel that if we call, this could scare villain into giving up a free card b/c he doesn't want to build tooo big of a pot w/ 1pair (and yes, I know I'm kind of contradicting myself, but think the flop and turn is pretty different).

So what do you guys thinks? I will post results after some discussion


  • Tom H Posts: 45Subscriber
    Bart has discussed this problem before: Not overplaying a flush draw+top pair because there is a chance your jack is out kicked. Therefore you are putting in a lot of money possibly with 12 outs and a backdoor straight draw. What should we think about his tiny flop sizing?. That can't be a protection bet can it? Is it a raise inducing bet? What are chances he has better FD than you? Probably very little, but what about combos of AKspade throught A10spade(minus AJspade of course), and K10spade and Q10spade? Lastly would he raise PF with 56spade? I do agree that he's now committed to the hand. So with all that said I would call and evaluate turn.
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