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Top Pair, Good Kicker

Hero is UTG1 with a tight image, $640, and raises to $25 with A Q
UTG2, LAG, $1,800 calls
2 LP players call
($100) Flop A68 :r:
Hero bets $75
UTG2 raises to $200, all fold to hero. What should I do?


  • JKH Posts: 835Subscriber
    Call at least could be top pair raising u here could be 68 could be a set could be 79 or 75.
    I likely call and make a turn decision. A jack would be the worst turn ever.
  • ZachWaldman Posts: 65Subscriber
    I chose to call, the turn was a brick, I checked and the villain bets $200. Now what?
  • workinghard Posts: 1,573Subscriber
    You say you have a tight image. Assuming that's true, do you expect players to believe you have an Ace w a good kicker when your raise preflop and C-bet in 3 other opponents? If you expect they would believe you to have an A/kicker, than why would they raise your bet if they can't beat you?

    A: they can beat you
    B: they think you will fold an Ace-kicker
    C: They're clueless/ suicidal
    D: Your image is very different than what you think it is
  • ZachWaldman Posts: 65Subscriber
    I think they believe me, but I also worry that I'm perceived as somebody who folds too many big hands.
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