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Turned flush. Facing river shove.

Knealey Posts: 11SubscriberProfessional
edited December 2016 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Curious about thoughts on each street of play here.
As for information....The villain seems somewhat solid but I've only really played 1 round with him.

UTG (1k) limps
V1 (1k) in HiJack raises to 30
HERO(825) calls in CO with 4 5
UTG calls

Pot 100
Flop comes K J 3

UTG Checks
Villain 1 bets 40
Hero raises to 125
UTG folds, Villain Calls

Pot 350
Turn 10:c:
Villain bets 165
Hero Calls.
I figured on the turn if I raise it says nothing but a flush. If a club runs off on the river I can fold to a bet, but I wanted to get max value on the river here if he had a set, two pair, or straight.

Pot 680
River Q for a final board of K J 3 10 Q

He shoves for my remaining 505
With the one liner to a straight, I thought it was an obvious call. But I'm curious if everyone would call as well if the river bricked off a 2 or something.

Villain shows A 9


  • maphacks Posts: 2,009Subscriber
    edited December 2016
    preflop is very close. I only make this call if everyone is very bad. 3betting or folding is as good or better.

    flop can go both ways, you don't rep many value hands but typical 5-5 villain can't handread and is weak if he bets 40% pot on a drawy board so raise is in order.
    turn is villain dependend but against most competition at this level I just raise gii because I don't expect him to really ever lead/fold a decent value hand. maybe he butcherd A K× or 2pair/set.
    when he raises to 6bb pre I also don't think he has too many low suited hands in his range which is good for us of course.

    against better players I like your turnline (but I wouldn't raise the flop then/not call pre).

    river is a call IMO. rarely see people leading nutflush on the turn.
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