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$5/$5 Turn All-In From Short Stack and Deep Villain

Hero sits with a winning, moderately aggressive image and covers everyone at the table. Some straddling and most players are 200BB+ deep.

V1 is somewhat maniacal but has been losing during the evening and is short stack with ~$700 effective
V2 is new to hero and seems fairly ABC, haven't seen him out of line with post-flop aggression as of yet, ~$1700 effective

Hero opens to $20 UTG+1 with 9 9 , v1 calls from MP, v2 calls from HJ and BB all call
Flop (80): 8 9 Q, BB checks, hero bets 60, v1 calls, v2 raises to 130. BB folds, hero calls, v1 calls.

I felt V1 was likely to call here and was concerned that if I 3 bet and V2 jams I would likely be in a bad spot.

Turn (470): 5 Hero checks, v1 now bets $225, v2 again min raises to $450. I call, v1 raises his remaining $110, v2 calls, and I call.

I tanked for a while on this one and after realizing that v1 cannot reraise, decide to call and try to boat up, feeling that one of the two certainly had JT and if V2 had it and I boated, he might not be able to lay it down to a shove given remaining stack of ~$1K into what would be a $2K pot on river.

Would you have played either street differently?

Comments on all streets welcome will post results later.


  • pokertime Posts: 2,180Subscriber
    What is your stack? It's a little confusing when you put "effective" on both players. I guess you are saying that's their stack and you have them covered?

    I think given the stack dynamics, min raises and betting being closed OTT your play is fine. I think V2 is likely to have JT. Can't help but wonder if V1 has 67 but maybe just KQ/AQ he's going with.

    You still have almost 24% equity OTT so while the math is making my head spin with all the different stacks and bet sizes I think you are good to see this river. Your almost getting immediate odds and definitely implied odds (should you get paid OTR) if I'm figuring it right. But I'm sick and full of meds right now!
  • workinghard Posts: 1,561Subscriber
    so the plan on the river is, if you don't fill up, you're going to check, v2 will bet his/her remaining 1100, and you're going to fold to a pot with around $3000. there are no Q9s possible, one combo of 89s and 3 combos 88. I guess villain could be overplaying AQ sometimes. you're not deep enough to bet river and fold to a raise. as played, I don't mind a check/fold to a bet of over $500.
  • LuckBox212 Posts: 36Subscriber
    edited January 2017
    Sorry pt yes i called them both effective but i covered both. i thought i almost had immediate odds too and hoped that V2 had JT.

    wh yes i think that's the plan if i miss and he ships, although i'd have a hard time folding on a brick to a bet of $500...

    turns out V2 was overplaying AQ and V1 had JTos... 8 on river i shipped V2 folds :)

    does anyone like a 3bet on flop?

  • fishcake Posts: 935Subscriber
    edited January 2017
    Nevermind read it wrong. I guess turn is a close call. Wouldn't 3bet flop.
  • pokertime Posts: 2,180Subscriber
    LuckBox212 said:

    does anyone like a 3bet on flop?

    That's an over play to me. You only beat AQ/88/bluff so why blow them off their hand. I had the V hands reversed but it's still the same read. You need to hit and keeping both in is best for your odds so I think you played optimal. Seems like V2 has a fold button so I'm not sure he would have got it in with you. If you know for a fact he's the one that overplays and gets it in with worse then you could argue GII for the big side pot but that seems risky without a ton of history.
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