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2/5: River Bluff -- Sizing and Other Blunders

PinkyPinky Posts: 60Subscriber
edited January 2017 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
2/5 Effective Stacks $1350

Hero raises to $25 over two limpers in the CO with 9d8c. BTN and both limpers call.

Flop Js Td 5c (Pot $107)

Checks to Hero who bets a laughable $35. BTN calls. Other two players fold. I'm actually not sure why I bet such a small amount.

Turn As (Pot $177)

Hero bets $85. BTN calls. My intent was to follow through and bet the river if either I make the straight or if a spade hits and represent a backdoor flush.

River 6s (Pot $347)

Hero bets $225.

This was easily the worst hand I played during the session. That said, I'd really like to hear comments regarding sizing, and given the runout and the flat calls by the BTN, if a bluff was ill-advised in this situation. For context, my image was pretty good (at least until this hand due to the weird bet sizing). The button was an unknown, but appeared to be playing solidly. Our only history was when I raised on the BTN about 45 mins earlier and he 3!, and I folded.

Thanks in advance for the advice/comments.


  • qbert80 Posts: 52Subscriber
    Don't hate the idea of triple barreling, depending on runout. The turn is the absolute best bluff card in the deck. I would've probably sized the turn bigger - you want a stubborn jack to really fear that his stack is at risk if he calls turn. Also if you bomb turn you can then underbluff river to get any remaining Q,9 or ,9,8 hands to fold. Possibly also finally get a jack to fold. So really the only hands that can continue on turn are either nutted (sets, kq) or aces up (A,10, AJ if he doesn't 3! that hand).

    Given the smaller turn sizing, it wouldn't shock me if he sticks around with a jack, but your bomb on river should get those to fold out. I actually like to bomb any non-spade as opposed to your plan to bluff spades, and AP, might give up on river. This villain might think that bc he'd be scared of the backdoor flush with AK, or for that matter, a set of aces, in your shoes, that you don't have a value hand and are skewed towards bluffs.
    by 1Pinky
  • pokertime Posts: 2,194Subscriber
    Your sizing is so bad it's hard to say as V reactions may have been different with larger bets. I easily make it $30 PF and $80+ OTF. I fine with a double barrel but sizing all around needs to be ~3/4 pot.
    by 1Pinky
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