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River is a bet fold?

Fred Posts: 137Subscriber
V is generally a bad rec player and on the button

£1-£2 eff stacks £300

Hero lj 9 10 raises to £7 hj button and sb call

Flop £30 8 J q hero bets £15 hj goes all in for £20 v on button calls hero calls.
Turn 8 bringing in a bdfd hero bets £35 v calls

River 6 hero bets £75?



  • Acidhauss Posts: 291Subscriber
    Pre - Fine


    *I think £15 is too small.
    *Qx is never folding, nor is any pair + gutshot, or straight draw like KT.
    *That being said, I think because its 4-way betting smaller isn't terrible (i.e. not just bombing it into 3 people and giving away that you have a strong hand), and we're also only £300 deep or so. I still think we should be betting bigger though.


    I would just bet like £50, I think £35 into £90 is too small. He's basically getting the right odds against a bunch of hands here.


    Bet fold erry day

    by 1Fred
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