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$3/5: Playing Balanced or Lead with "Nuts"

whathas2bankss Posts: 183Member
edited January 2017 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Hero's Image: Been bleeding some pots for a while now, perceived as thinking, might be steaming/tilted semi-aggressive TAG young kid. Not many regs on this table, so they prob don't know I'm a reg.

EP limps, MP limps, hero raises to $30 with T :r: T :r: , BB calls, EP calls, MP calls,

Flop $120: Q :r: Q :r: T :r:
All three checks, Hero bets $40

Here's my thought process: I would cbet this board majority of the time for small sizing like 1/3 (accomplishes most of what I need) with hands like AA/KK/JJ/AK and AQ. Except for AQ, these hands cannot handle a X/R nor can they really get three streets of value (perhaps small thin on river). So this range is pretty exploitable overall. I figured if I lead with TT here, it'd strengthen that range and punish anyone trying to take advantage of me with a X/R.

Note: It's a lot easier to make money triple barreling down (can be AA,KK or a bluff) when someone is holding a Queen in their hand. If we check flop, our lines are Raise turn, Bomb river, or Call turn, Raise Bomb River. Both apply massive pressure and most people will assume AA/KK wouldn't take this line when QQT are on the board. So it's really weird.

Ofc the downside is when they all fold and we don't give them a chance to catch up or pick up some equity which is pretty much drawing dead at that point.

Your thoughts? Balance the range (all sorts of benefits) or let opponents catch up when we have the board locked.


  • stayinschool Posts: 2,969Subscriber
    We don't have reads so i'll look at this from the perspective of a balanced strategy like you talk about.

    There are many ways to handle boards like this. I'm not sure what the best is live but i'll start with what i do online.

    The way i usually handle these boards is betting around 1/3 pot with quite a lot of hands, small to large PP, Qx, TT. I usually go ahead and trap QQ and QT (QT is a much better check back then TT). Betting the small size lets you bet week PP for protection, this is one of the few spots where i think betting for protection is fine. Vs a flop c/r i'd call my strongest draws, any Qx and then some of my strongest PP depending on sizing. If called OTT i'll then bet more like 2/3-3/4 with JJ+ and do the same OTR.

    You can also just check back the flop with any value worse than Qx and just bet like 3/4-pot or even overbet.

    You can also use a medium size each street and bet JJ+ for 3 streets.

    I think all have merits against different types of players

    obviously each range i'd balance with bluffs
  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
    so are their ranges weak or strong? pretty weak I would say.

    so should you bet or check?

    if the players are bad are they going to call if they have say a pair under the queen? will they call with a draw? probably less likely

    what about better players? I would say more likely.

    I would check this back if the callers are worse players and bet small if they are better players

    this way you balance against players who might think your fos and will actually do something about it. and let worse players who only play their own hand a chance to catch up.

    now if the board was 55T I am betting more often and bigger.
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