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CLP 101, When a fish raises, he ain't folding. Just keep betting!

Ever since I've been listening to CLP podcasts, Bart has driven home the point that once a fishy player raises, he ain't folding. I was reminded of the truth of this while playing recently in Sydney, Australia.

Playing 2/3 (max buyin $500) have about $1,100. Villain on right (fishy) has about the same stack.

I raise UTG to 15 with 3 3. Three callers including V in bb.

Flop 3 5 8 V in bb donk bets 30. I raise to 90. Only he calls, so HU to turn with $240 in the pot.

Turn 3 (just quads, that's all). He checks, I bet $40 (lol), he gives me the death stare through his sunnies and makes it $140. Man I thinking this guy has a hand, so I want to keep juicing the pot, with possibly getting enough in there now, so I can jam river. I make it $310. He tanks, tells me he thinks I'm bluffing and then shoves all in. Yes I call....

River A. No kid he does the fist pump and slams down two pair A8.

Nice tip - thanks Bart!


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