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rung00d6 Posts: 43Subscriber
edited March 2017 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
$2/$5 game - $500 max

MP limps, unknown middle aged white guy in CO raises to $15 ($500 stack)
Hero calls in the SB with 4s4h ($500 stack)
MP calls ($150 stack)

Flop 4c8cQc ($45)
Hero leads for $25
MP calls
CO calls

Turn Kh ($120)
Hero bets $75
MP goes all in for $125
CO calls
Hero calls

River Qs
Final board reads 4c8cQcKhQs ($495)

What is hero's play and why?



  • 2thdoctor Posts: 66Subscriber
    I like the lead, though I think you could probably size up a touch, Getting called by lots of hands your opponents may have, AcXx is calling $35 as well as $25.

    What are your cardrooms rules for reopening the betting? If the allin reopens the betting I would like a shove here to not give them a freeroll with AcX

    On the river you're hoping to get called by Qx. I can't imagine you can rely on naked Ac now deciding to bluff in a bloated pot on river, esp with board pairing. I go for value against a queen and maybe a slow played flush and bet something like $185 (V has $350ish left).

    Could make an argument for shoving river and maybe V is more likely to call with weaker hands assuming you're polarized... I guess that's villain dependent.
  • rung00d6 Posts: 43Subscriber
    Totally agree about my donk sizing, should have made it a bit larger.

    The betting would only have been reopened if MP's all in raise was at least double my bet. Otherwise yeah, I would have shoved if I could have.

    I decided to shove hoping to get value from Qx or a slow played flush, maybe hero'd by AA or KK who played it scared. He ended up snapping and showed quad queens. He told the table he was scared of the flush on the flop / turn.

    Thanks for the input!
  • neverlearn2 Posts: 2,827Subscriber
    nasty hand man. i think you played it well though.
  • Acidhauss Posts: 291Subscriber
    Pre, fine
    Flop, I like the lead, although I might make it $30. Anything like pot is terrible IMO, so you're in the right ball park
    Turn Yep
    River Definitely shipping (although when he raises a fishy size on the button, it is actually a little thin, but not thin enough not to rip)
  • rung00d6 Posts: 43Subscriber
    My biggest concern was the optimal play on the river (was shoving too thin was my initial thought after the hand).

    Thx guys.
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