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Bart's 2017 WSOP Package

BartBart Posts: 5,920AdministratorLeadPro


Package is only open to existing CLP subscribers of over 2 months.

This package is set up different from previous years.. Total package amount is approximately $160,000. However the tournaments listed here are just a prediction of the events that I may play. I have the right to play or not play ANY event at the WSOP that is $10k or less. Any bracelet event that I play is included in this package (see note about NL Main Event), but it is very unlikely that I would play in an event that is not listed here.

One special note about the Main Event:

Unlike previous years, the main event IS included in this package, but only
partially. It is the only event that is partially included. It is
listed as a $5000 buy-in (50% of the buy-in) and an investor only
receives 50% of his stake in the ME. So if Investor A bought 1% of the
package he receives .5% of the main event. Investor B who has .5% of
the package only receives .25% of the main event, etc etc.

Because the package is set up in this way I have most likely overestimated the amount of $$ that I can possibly put towards buy-ins (note the listing for “The Giant”, event 19a as 10 entries at $3650 total, as well as other events with reentry).

All investors will receive a refund for the package equal to ($160,000-buyins * percentage bought). So if an investor bought 1% at $1600 and only $100,000 worth of events are played the investor will receive a refund of $600. Maximum piece is 1%, minimum is .5%, none in between. After 5/1/17 if pieces are remaining more may be released.

PAYPAL will not be accepted for this package due to the stringent anti-gaming regulations of the site, and the possibility of the account being frozen. Recommended payment is via clearXchange: https://www.clearxchange.com//

Which supports at no charge bank to bank transfers with Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Capital One and US Bank. You can also sign up for clearxchange with other banks as well. Email address to send funds to for Vendmo and clear exchange is barthanson1@yahoo.com

A large positive summer may result in paper checks being issued to the investors due to the daily and weekly limits of Vendmo and ClearXchange.

All investors profiting over $5000 for the year investing in Bart (this package + any other positive investments in Bart prior to this package for 2017) will be required to submit a W9 before profit is paid.
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