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Main Event-Buyin Day

bingyian Posts: 90Subscriber
Hi all,

Playing the Main this summer for the first time. Does anyone know which day is better to buy into? Or is it all the same?



  • BartBart Posts: 5,926AdministratorLeadPro
    If you play on Day 1A or Day 1B you get an extra day off between Day 2 and Day 3 as Day 1C's Day 2 is alone as Day 2B. Day 1A and Day 1B converge into Day 2A.

    If you want to spend the least amount of time in the tourney play Day 1C, as you only have to wait for one day off.
  • TerpHimselfTerpHimself Posts: 295Subscriber
    I think there's a big 2+2 thread about what day is "better" to play. Usually the argument revolves around which days are more pro vs amateur heavy. I've heard compelling cases for all three days.

    However, this year Day A and B are on Saturday and Sunday, respectively. I think you're going to get a ton of amateurs playing those days b/c they are on weekends. So if you've never played a monster tournament like this, I would shoot for the days off, though I think a lot of astute pros will be moving off of Day C.
  • bingyian Posts: 90Subscriber
    Okay thanks. Biggest tourney I've played is a1.5k so the huge field and buy in is definitely new for me. I'm getting in late on Friday so saturday is unlikely but I'll do my best for Sunday. Thanks for the advice
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