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River spot with AK multiway OOP

Hero is relatively new to table and has a tag image and start the hand $400 eff with all villains in the hand. The table is a typical loose passive table. I open A K utg to $15 MP, HJ and CO all call.

Flop $60 K J 5 I lead $40 MP and HJ call.

Turn $180 6 I bet $80 only MP calls

$340 river is the 7 bringing in backdoor hearts.

So my question is if this is a good spot to go for 3 streets? Should I check/call on the river? Bet for value and fold to a raise? If so what's my river sizing?


  • MastaC707 Posts: 95Subscriber
    Bet fold like 115 range. He should have Kx here very often. I think 2 pair plus raises turn when FD comes. I expect to see KQ here fairly often.

  • chilidog Posts: 2,427Subscriber
    Yeah I like $100 river value bet / obv fold if raised. The worse 1 pair hands that call a river bet are mostly KQ and maybe some KT, plus some AJ that call cuz they think you're polarized to bet river.

    He can have a lot of heart combos that win here like QThh, AQhh, Jxhh, Kxhh.
  • pokertime Posts: 2,180Subscriber
    I probably bet at least $150. Your going to get value from a K if they were calling down. Seems like KQ or worse case he had a SD with hearts. He could even have KhXh. It's going to be hard to fold no matter what our sizing so I think I worry about what my value sizing should be. Any fold is basically a hero fold so what's left doesn't matter given stacks.
  • neverlearn2 Posts: 2,827Subscriber
    I would bet a lot larger on turn though, probably like 120-140. All Kx still calls and 6 does help a part of his cbet call range haha, love backdoor stuff. All backdoor draws will call a larger bet egardless since they gained so much equity.

    As played I bet fold 100-110 or so. bad river here, unless we have some type of read/tell on Villain he has mainly Kx here then its a shove.
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