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Bad Beat or Bad Play??

Jack7777 Posts: 653Subscriber
I lost a hand and I was trying to figure out why I played it wrong. A friend of mine told me, the money was getting in anyway. When I lose a big hand, I rightly go over it and think how it went wrong. Should I have called the flop bet? WTF did you even call Ninny the Nit? When you saw him blow dust of his chips and move the cement stack, it was time to fold. "But but' I had a big hand." It doesn't matter who V is, I think I can beat them. But sometimes you lose because it was just a bad beat. The money was going in whether you raised or they raised, it was going to happen.

I lost with quads and felt I played the hand excellent because I only lost $250, instead on my stack. V had the donkey end of str8 flush. But a V can catch an unusual hand or a bad runout causes me to try to figure out how I should play the hand better. Part of it just poker, but I think I totally overlook when it goes my way. I see that as "good" play. I see a player make a weak shove. I tank and I call with 1010. He turns up 99. But if he turns up JJ, out comes the whip.
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