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First trip to WSOP

OMGitsWorm Posts: 272SubscriberProfessional
edited April 2017 in Las Vegas and WSOP
Hi guys,
So I'm thinking about making my first trip from down under Australia to spend 2.5 weeks playing cash games during the WSOP series.

I was thinking of spending a few days in LA first to play at the casinos all you guys talk about Commerce and the Bike. I would love to play a session on Live at the Bike if Bart Hanson or anyone could arrange that?

Then make my way to the WSOP for the remaining time. I play mainly $2/$5-$5/$5 up to a $1k buyins I'm comfortable with my bank roll.

Any advise for a first timer contemplating this trip and I would also like to catch up with Bart or if there is a CLP group.
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