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2/5 Two Pair vs LAG River Check Raise

$700 effective. Villain is fairly new to the table, but we do have some history. He is fairly LAG, does know what is going on, and can put pressure on. I've been taking small to medium sized pots down the entire time I've been at the table, so a good image. Villain probably sees me as a TAG.

I open A Q to $20 UTG+1. It folds to every until V in SB. I notice Villain perk a little bit and call. BB folds.

Flop ($45): A 9 3
V checks. I check behind. Bit of FPS here, should be value betting the crap outta him here.

Turn ($45): Q
V bets $30. Hero raises to $80. Could go larger here imo. V thinks for a bit and calls.

River ($205): K
V checks. Hero bets $120. V thinks for a tiny bit and throws out 5 black chips (black = $100). We.....?????


  • MonadPrimeMonadPrime Posts: 803Member
    I'd be surprised if villain is playing a worse 2 pair this way. JT is pretty reasonable, as is 33/99 and an occasional AK. Basically were hoping to catch busted diamonds or hearts making a move OTR facing heavy aggression on a raiser's board, which is very rare.
  • AJoff Posts: 546Subscriber
    It's probably a fold, but it's tough because your line looks so fos. Flop is definitely a bet, but as played I don't think I'd have a turn raising range (maybe only QQ for value).
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