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Suggestion for podcast

RyanAlbers Posts: 7Member
edited November -1 in Your Feedback
One of the things I think you should do more in your podcasts is let us play out the hand more. Like when you give us an example of a hand and tell us to pause to see what we would do and then after explain the process of how we should be thinking. It's been pretty helpful with learning some of the concepts. Like Jared Tendler said in one of the podcast students do better when they get tested then if they just read or book or learned the information.


  • BartBart Posts: 5,820AdministratorLeadPro
    Hey bud,

    Do I not pause long enough when I do these types of segments?

  • RyanAlbers Posts: 7Member
    No I think the pauses are fine. I just want to see more of these segments because they are helpful right after you teach a new concept.
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