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Interesting spot with top two

$2/4 game, I have a good tight image, villain in this hand is an OK reg, capable of making some moves now and then.
I have a stack of $500, V covers

I have A Q UTG +3, there's a straddle so I raise to $30, V calls behind me, BB and straddler call as well; pot is around $120

Flop A J 7
BB and straddler check, I bet 40, V makes it 120, other players fold; pot around 360

Turn Q
I check, V bets 220, what do you do here with 350 behind, and why?


  • MonadPrimeMonadPrime Posts: 803Member
    edited June 2017
    He could have AJ/A7/J7s. You're only behind 77 or a bizarrely played AA/JJ. Get it in IMO. As an aside I probably fold flop as there are very few semi-bluffs and many regs are not gonna over-play worse TP here that often, especially in a 3-way pot.
  • ankit Posts: 21Member
    Problem was, I thought he'd bet smaller or maybe even check back on the turn with AJ or A7, and definitely check back J7 since Qh isn't a very good card for those hands

    Good point about the flop play too, I just thought my bet size looked weak and he's raising light and would give up on later streets after I call, but yeah maybe it's better to bet 1/2 - 3/4 pot and fold to a raise there
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