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James' WSOP Hand #2

OK, I said a hand per day. I am here and playing poker June 2-11so by my count, I should end up posting 10 hands. I am behind as this should be my fourth.

Disclaimer: The Colossus is I think the third tourney I've ever played in my life. I am pretty clueless, but that's OK given the level of play that I observed during my two attempts. All that aside, I am pretty sure I don't like the way I played this hand. Let me know what y'all think.

Colossus Level 1. Blinds 25-50, no Ante. 7 handed.

Hero has been mostly folding pre for the first 25 minutes of the tourney, but has been quite talkative at the table, joking around etc. Stack = 5500, slightly above the starting stack.

Villain showed up 10 or 15 minutes late. Claims to play a lot of 10/20 at Commerce, but based on his "strategy" talk, I don't buy that he is a 10/20 player. Has been raising his fair share pre and has played about half his hands since he sat down (obviously, small sample size here). Stack = 4000

On to the hand:

4 limpers, including the V on the button and the small blind. Hero is in the BB with Q 7 and decides to make it 450 to go. A cascade of callers follows--3 of the 4, including V on the button.

Obviously I am just trying to pick up the dead money here. I also have this unhealthy desire to always punish the limpers. In hindsight, I think should either have sized this larger or just checked my option. I like checking, but let me know what you think.

Flop (1850): Q 9 8
SB checks. Hero bets 1100. Unsure what to do in this spot, but figure there are tons of draws I can get value from. Folds to V on button who shoves for 3550. Pot is 6500, 2450 for hero to call. Hero?

FWIW, I felt compelled to call. Since the V was fairly active preflop, I really thought he would be raising Q10+ and all PP pre. He could have Q8 or Q9 for sure, but there are a ton of draws in his range that might also do this.

Let me know what you think. I am curious about all of my actions--preflop, flop lead, and calling the raise. Thanks!


  • JamesSuh Posts: 319Subscriber
    I'd prefer to check my option as we can see, people just don't like to fold preflop. As played, I guess call, but it's fairly close without crunching the numbers.
  • Rocketman74Rocketman74 Posts: 451Subscriber
    check pre but whatever

    you don't have a spade so I guess it's a call (good thing it's a re-entry)
  • Krista Posts: 166Subscriber
    This is very very obviously a check pre. The players in this event aren't folding pre. AP I think this is a fold. I might even just check fold this flop to a bet and raise. When 5 players take the flop, top pair no kicker on a wet board is pretty weak. What are the chances that no one has a better Q, 89, or JT when 5 players limp pre? Slim to none - and when you take into account the shove on the flop, there is no way that your hand is good enough to call. Could he have spades? Maybe - but even then he has plenty of equity - especially if he has one overcard with the spades. In a cash game the consideration is pot 6500, 2450 to call - are we getting the right odds? But in a tournament, you have 4000 chips if you fold, plenty to play- 80 BBs. If you call and lose, you are down to 30 bigs and once the blinds go up in 5 minutes, you have 15 blinds and are in shove mode with nearly anything. So those extra 2500 chips in a tournament are worth FAR more than a standard cash game calculation. Remember that the less chips you have in a tournament, the more each chip is worth. Your last chips have a ton of value and must be carefully protected. Which is also why the raise pre is so bad - because it puts you in just this spot with terrible decisions based on tournament equity. Pot control is a really important part of tournament strategy.
  • the_dude_abides Posts: 331Subscriber
    I think this is a case of a preflop mistake compounding on me. Consensus is preflop is a check. What the villain ended up having was just bizarre, however.

    I call and V flips over 9 10 James is happy. Runout goes 7 6. James is sad.
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