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James' WSOP Hand #4

the_dude_abides Posts: 331Subscriber
edited June 2017 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
I swear I don't play this bad all the time. I am just posting hands I think I may have misplayed to get confirmation. Thanks for all the feedback on the other hands so far!

Mid-Afternoon. Aria 2/5 $1k cap

Hero talkative with the table, just lost a fairly big pot and not topped off yet. Mostly folding pre, playing tight pre w/ a low cbet frequency (primarily due to chance....bad board textures, flopped SD value, etc). He has gotten out of line twice postflop that the V has seen, but V has also seen me value bet thinly. $600 stack.

Villain is a solid player. Quiet. Tight pre, but value bets thin, etc. Have seen him value bet second pair for multiple streets, etc. European. Seems like a very good winning player. Stack ~$2.4k

Hero raises over one limp from HJ to 20 with J 10 V calls on the button, BB calls, limper calls. These other two players are irrelevant but FWIW, OMCs.

Flop ($75) 9 6 3
Checks to hero who makes it $50. Only V calls.
I think I should have bet lower like maybe $40. It was my intent to bet slightly over half pot because that is what my value bets would look like on this dry of a board, but I must have miscalculated. I like betting here because of board texture and I can turn a lot of equity with BD straight/flush draws and 2 overcards. I think Vs calling range is at worst 77 since there are two other players to act.

Turn ($175) K
Hero bets $120. V Thinks for about 20 seconds and calls.
I thought this was a good barrel card, but at the same time I think I can get called by a lot here as V if he knows that this is a good barrel card. If V has a K and was floating the flop, I am obviously drawing thin to a Q. Planning on triple barrel.

River ($405) 10
Hero bets $200. Villain tank folds.
I was value betting here thinking that there is a decent chance of being called down light. I keep going back and forth on if this is too optimistic. I think so. If I am going to value bet, I think I need to size smaller than $200. But Mostly, what I hate about this bet is that one of two draws from the flop comes in (78) and a pair of 9s will often have a 10 kicker. Agree/disagree?



  • neverlearn2 Posts: 2,828Subscriber
    id throw a bet out but i would have bet under 200 but your sizing isnt bad.

    I like the turn bet only cause we have a plan to fire a third street cause we are now repping JJ+ and we wouldnt slow down with that range IMO.

  • LesterDiamondLesterDiamond Posts: 152Subscriber
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