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My suspicions have been confirmed pokergo has a monopoly over the live WSOP streams. You tube ceased all live streaming . In the past when i visited YT during this time of the year BOOM a ton of WSOP events were on 30 minute delay or livestreamed. Unfortunate that is no longer the case. I will not pay $10 a month to watch poker. I invested enough money in this site and LATB monthly archive footage to keep me for awhile. When poker central was pulled from my amazon firestick a few months ago i knew the writing on the wall was grim. Everyone wants a buck


  • BartBart Posts: 6,084AdministratorLeadPro
    Well, you will getting more of me on PokerGo.. More details on that in this week's podcast.

  • nofriends333 Posts: 887Troll
    When i start winning some money at table ill think about investing $10 more per month Until then poker go is no go
  • CajunDragonCajunDragon Posts: 173Member
    What do you guys think of the new Poker After Dark?
  • nofriends333 Posts: 887Troll
    It seems that majority of my posts of late have been ignored but i need to know if poker go is really worth the $10 investment ? What kind of programming will i receive or is it the same as poker central with a $10 monthly fee attached to it. If its amazon firestick friendly i might give it a shot
  • beauregard Posts: 1,592Subscriber
    I've got PokerGO for a year... used a discount code to get $10 off.
    Very much worth it if you have the time...
    They have a lot of high-roller events where you get to see Fedor Holtz play (and how he plays) and the commentary by Nick Schulman is the highest quality! He and Ali make an awesome team... and Nick drops tons of gold nuggets in his analysis.

    a lot of it is tournament poker - but you can still learn a lot from watching.

    the new Poker After Dark cash games are pretty good... depends on the line-ups.
    the ones with Seiver have been good.
    the Jungleman ones have been hit or miss.
    so far, the Moon & Magic ones were really bad (haven't watched all of it)

    I don't care much for the WWE style of keeping score (who's ahead, who's losing, etc.) - i'm not really watching so I can see big All IN pots that run into the millions... I'm watching to see how good players play their hands and how they make decisions in the moment.

    For less than $100 - you get ALL the WSOP stuff from this year, High-roller tournies, some poker documentaries, some original poker TV shows (haven't watched any of those yet) and of course ALL the poker after dark - that go back to the Tom Dwan days. well worth it, if you ask me.

    I'm also able to watch it on my 65" Sony Bravo 4K that has Android. But it's hard to fast forward the shows.

    don't bother with the monthly subscription - save a ton and get the yearly subscription.
    my 2¢
  • nofriends333 Posts: 887Troll
    i subscribed last month excellent investment
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