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2/5 very simple hand

TDF Posts: 1,130Subscriber
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Hero (500) UTG opens AQo to 25. Folded to Villain in BB (500) who calls. Flop K92 rainbow. Villain checks.
Do we cbet? And why? What’s our plan for later streets? If we bet what turns do we barrel? Do you bet 1, 2 or 3 streets? If we check do we call bets on one or two streets UI?
- is recreational player. He plays for fun. Money not very important to him. He drinks beer, chats a lot and having good time.
- is very loose PF. His PF calling range here over 80%.
- plays a lot so he’s experienced and comfortable.
- not crazy postflop but he can bluff sometimes randomly without any good reason and he can fold hand as strong as TP when he thinks he beat.
- pays attention to pot size and other players.
- views Hero as a winning straightforward TAG.
- 3bets top 10% or so PF.
- doesn’t fold any pair on this flop to cbet.
- doesn't call with worse hand then Hero's.
- doesn’t fold 9x to bets on two streets.
- can fold TPWK to big bets on all three streets.


  • chilidog Posts: 2,427Subscriber
    Cbet all day here. It's tough to flop a pair in holdem. And if his range is 80% preflop, there are very few hands he is likely to have where he flopped a pair of 9s or better.
  • I cbet this flop a ton HU in this given situation. Turn DBL barrel frequency depends on a lot, my image, live tells, propensity for villain to peel flop light, etc. Triple barreling would be very infrequent as we beat most all non paired hands. It really depends on the turn card and backdoor draws. If I choose to Trple barrel it would probably be as an underbluff.

  • ChipChairmanChipChairman Posts: 41Subscriber
    Grunch: I c-bet here against a super wide range. if he has JT or 78; Why give him a free card?

    As for turn cards to barrel, I think I shut down unimproved; if I hit an ace I am betting again; if I hit a queen I am checking back turn and calling/betting river for value.
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