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Any CLPers playing in WSOP event 29?

justfourfun Posts: 187Subscriber
Any other clpers playing day two today? I am 22nd overall and big stack starting the day at table 705.


  • justfourfun Posts: 187Subscriber
    Man I was one river card away from the braclet tonight! 77 v. AQ and the river Q ... Rats! Still up 9,600,000 to 4,000,000 so I need to take it down tomorrow we start at one. A big shout out to Bart and all my fellow CLPers as I wouldn't be there without your shared expertise
  • justfourfun Posts: 187Subscriber
    By the way... if you want to see a poker player play himself to a braclet check out the Wsop hand low by blow of my play at the final table. Very impressive if I do say so myself. I made the chip leader my b****
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