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rung00d6 Posts: 43Subscriber
Hey all,

Does anyone know how to set up an email notification or some kind of alert when someone responds to your forum post?



  • Jack7777 Posts: 655Subscriber
    It's already done. See the little red number by your name. Click it, then the notifications over to the right of the screen. This will show all that has happened since the last time you checked.
  • BartBart Posts: 5,955AdministratorLeadPro
    You can also bookmark threads by clicking on the little disk icon in a thread on the top right. Then if you click on your name in the forum bar, go to "notification preferences" on the right and you can set it up so that bookmarked threads of yours, or threads you start will send you an email.

  • rung00d6 Posts: 43Subscriber
    Thx guys
  • rung00d6 Posts: 43Subscriber
    Hey @Bart,

    I found the little disk icon, but can't find my name in the forum bar / notification preferences. Can you please clarify where this is?

  • BartBart Posts: 5,955AdministratorLeadPro
  • rung00d6 Posts: 43Subscriber
    Got it, thanks @Bart
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