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Bluffcatch River on a Monotone Flop?

f0xr Posts: 64Subscriber
1/3 NL game. Effective stacks $350. Villain is an unknown to me, older white guy. Has been playing fairly aggressive. Haven't seen him open too wide, but he has been 3! preflop and raising postflop more than anyone else at the table. Has also been sticky postflop and rarely folds to a c-bet. Have only seen him caught bluffing once, but he has made several moves that I thought were likely bluffs, but didn't get called.

The relevant bluffing hand, he limped in EP, a few others limped, I overlimped A4s. I flopped top pair and NFD. He led out on the flop, I called. Led out on the turn, I called. River brought in the flush and he instajammed a little over a PSB. I called and he asked if I have the flush. I showed my hand and he mucked, so I didn't get to see what he was bluffing with. He left the table after that hand and came back a few hours later. Now been playing again for several hours.


Villain limps UTG, folds to me in the cutoff, I raise to $12 with K K . BB calls, Villain calls. Pot is $37.

Flop is Q T 5. Checks to me, I bet $25, BB folds, Villain calls. Pot is $87.

Turn is 7 . Villain checks, I bet $55, Villain calls. Pot is $197.

River is 4 . Villain instantly pushes in a stack of $5 chips, which turns out to be $95.

Am I right in thinking that his range is pretty polarized in this spot? He either flopped the nut flush or he has a hand with the A , maybe A Qx or A Tx, or really any A x hand. I would expect him to raise a smaller flush either on the flop or turn almost always.

Does having the K in my hand change anything? I wouldn't really expect him to bluff any K x hands that I block, and I don't expect him to limp/call AK.

There are more unsuited combos of A x, and he would likely open more often with some of the suited combos, and limp/call more of the unsuited combos. So I think I should call here getting 3:1? How would you play this hand?


  • neverlearn2 Posts: 2,862Subscriber
    edited July 2017
    It's either the NFD, 2 pair, lesser small flushes, and less Qx hands we beat. He did limp call and I bet he's wider then we think if he is that aggressive post.

    292 in pot 95 to call. We beat what AhQx combos here only? But how likely his preflop line with AQ. mayhe it's an exploitable fold but idk what we beat.
  • MonadPrimeMonadPrime Posts: 803Member
    Based on reads I eye-roll/call, but yeah usually against this line were in trouble.
  • nopair Posts: 350Subscriber
    Scroll back the clock and don't show your hand until he does in the previous pot. Don't ever do that.

    As played, call. If he has you beat, be thankful for the chips he left in your stack by playing like a scarredy cat.
  • f0xr Posts: 64Subscriber
    Not having any significant history as far as what his limp/calling range was, I expected him to have most suited aces and also a lot of ace rag hands. It seems like most players in my game will usually see a flop with an ace. I decided it was too good of a spot for him to make a play with an Ah rag hand, so I ended up calling. He had AJh. Would have expected him to open that, but a lower suited ace wouldn't have surprised me. Thanks for the advice everyone.
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