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5/5 check the river?

peanutbutter Posts: 1Member
edited July 2017 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
5/5 hero has tag image showing down only big pairs prior to hand. Lots of history with villain who is lag calling station.

Mp raises 25, Hj calls, villain (2500 eff) utg calls, sb i get As3h (2800 eff) and 3b 135. All fold to villain utg calls. Ac7h3c (325)im always cbetting this imo and lead 155, villain snap raises me 355. I dont see why i should 3b showing too much strength and wanted to let him hang himself. Turn Ks, i felt this was a great card to check as villain would continue to barrell, any KcXc would have to cont. semi bluff and i could raise/jam. Unfortunately villain checks, river comes 9c. Betting seems like a bad idea here since only better is calling, I can check call which i would feel like id hate myself if villain checks back taking a weird line to the river. What line could have i taken? Lead turn? Bet fold river?


  • pray4blank Posts: 141Subscriber
    edited July 2017
    First, how does villain UTG call a $25 raise before you 3 bet, then how does button and MP fold before UTG? I'm very confused.


    If main villain is LAG calling station (although I think those words are contradictory), I wouldn't want to 3 bet this OOP, since that doesn't sound like the kind of guy who is folding to my squeeze.

    I would definitely cbet this flop bigger.

    I think check-call on the river should be the line. I think his line is going to be a flush or weird spew...but if he's laggy, let him bluff.

    To bet this river, you'd have to believe he'd: 1) Play AQ-AT this way 2) Call with AQ-AT if you bet, and 3) Not bet AQ-AT if you checked.
  • workinghard Posts: 1,573Subscriber
    Hi. It looks like this is your first posting. I'm going to suggest that you please double check your hand recaps before posting to check for accuracy. As pray4blank mentioned, the action you listed doesn't make any sense.

    Also, could you clarify what a "LAG calling station" means? In what manner is this opponent both Aggressive (ie, betting and raising) and a calling station? I think it can be possible, but it might be helpful if you could clarify it in this case.
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