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Facing raise with nut flush on 1 card straight flush board vs fishy opponent

GODMODE09 Posts: 94Subscriber
edited July 2017 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Local casino fishy game 2/5$ full ring game. Eff stacks 1000$ approx.
5 limps , Hero (2000$) raises A3ss from HJ to 15$, [I raised small 3x to get multiple callers so I can hopefully stack someone flush over flush as the players happily call wide suited cards esp when multiway facing small raises].
BTN (1500$) calls , BB calls and 2 limpers calls from MP.

Flop 5 way (75$). 4s5s7s , checks around to hero and I bet 50$ , BTN calls and others fold.
Turn (175$) 8s. I check and BTN checks back quicky.
River (175$) 2c. I bet 150$ and villain min raises to 150$ more.

Should I call here or fold? Can I re-raise here hoping to get called by K high or Q high flush draw vs this guy?

About BTN : Playing for the 1st day with him. Has been 2 hrs and lost a big hand to him when he min raised my donk lead with A4o on A45 fd in limp pot and I re-raised him 3 way and he shoved 150bb+ with 102s with his flush draw. We ran it once and he hit his flush and won.


  • workinghard Posts: 1,573Subscriber
    this hand is a good example of where inconsistent logic really hurt you. I'm going to ignore, for now, if you should have raised/bet preflop and for how much and just focus on the inconsistent reasoning you mentioned in your post that I saw.

    The reason you are playing A3ss is to "get multiple callers so I can hopefully stack someone flush over flush as the players happily call wide suited cards esp when multiway facing small raises." OK, fine. Makes sense- not a bad spot to be in.

    On the flop, you flop your dream flop that you were hoping to get. You have an Ahi flush and, as mentioned, your goal is to get someone to commit all their chips with a weaker flush. Flop has somewhere around $90 in it. Players have $1500 deep or so. So, your goal, right now, should be thinking about how to get all the money into the pot, right? You would be happy, for example, is someone open shoved into you since there is just one hand that beats you and lots of hand combos that you crush. Furthermore, if a spade, like the Js comes on the turn, your ability to get max value goes down tremendously. If a Js comes, and then someone open shoves on you, you are not really loving your hand so much anymore since since they are either grossly overplaying their hand or have the nuts. Same if they call a huge bet or start raising. So, your hand, while currently a monster hand, is very vulnerable to loosing a ton of value with each community card that rolls off.

    So, you want the money to go into the flop, you flopped perfect for your hand looking to get stacks in, and your strategy is to bet $10!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? That's a 1/9th pot sized bet when stacks are huge!

    I honestly don't care what you do on the river. It's really kinda meaningless. You already lost this hand in so many ways.

    this reminds me of my favorite "advice" from Limon. He said, imagine a teenager in jail calls his dad. He says "dad, here's the situation. I went out drinking with my buddies, raced down the road in my friend's car, and crashed into some other cars. Now that I'm here, how do I not bet butt-fucked in jail?"
    The answer is, you don't. You got yourself in that situation with the earlier decision you made and didn't think thru the logical possible conclusions of your actions.

  • GODMODE09 Posts: 94Subscriber
    @workinghard - Thanks for the input. Sorry I made a mistake while posting , flop pot size and c-bet sizing has been corrected now.
  • workinghard Posts: 1,573Subscriber
    I would say the river is the least interesting part of this hand. You should probably fold since no one is raising here with the third nuts.

    Again though, look at your bet sizing on the flop. Why not bet pot or even a little more? You could bet $100. Sure, you'll get folds from one pair and perhaps straight draws but really those hands are putting much into the pot anyways. You just don't want to miss an opportunity to stack someone with an underflush. sets aren't going to fold either. This board makes for some really strong second best hands. Charge them the max.
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