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Flopped full house. Could I have extracted more value?

5/10$ game. Avg stacks 1000$ , full ring.
Fold around to hero (1000$) raises 99 to 30$ from HJ. BTN(500$) loose rec older player calls and BB (2000$) player who can read hands and respects my game calls.

Flop(90$) JJ9r. BB donk leads 50$. (His range is heavily weighted towards Jx here. He might have open enders but doubt he would lead into me on a paired board). What is the best play here? I think I should have min raised or made 2.2x raise so I can build pot and bet more on future streets. If I raise too big and barrel T also , he is capable of folding a weaker J).
I decided to call and BTN also calls.

Turn(280$) 10x. BB checks , I bet 200$ hoping to get called by Jx and straight on the turn. BTN calls and BB tank folds.

River (680$) . Kx . I bet 200$ish which was all-in for BTN and he called.

How could I have extracted maximum value here?


  • neverlearn2 Posts: 2,862Subscriber
    im not raising here unless the donk is extra bad. My main goal has to be get BTN involved as much as possible here. We know BB is repping a small amount of Jx hands and more 9x and bluffs. also when u raise here, how often do you raise without 99 or Jx?

    I think you played the turn good, could see people checkng back hoping for a bet from BTN.

    River is also fine cause hes only 100bb deep. He has to have QT here if he doesnt have a J and if he does have a J he got pretty much every scare card in the deck hit for him.
  • nopair Posts: 350Subscriber
    With a gun in the parking lot maybe.
  • maphacks Posts: 2,009Subscriber
    first of all, I think raising with only a very low frequency is best for your range OTF. 99 is probably one of the most frequently used raises according to GTO. However we play against a recreational player and your read is that he leads mostly Jx. If that's true I would really suggest a raise with good Jx,99 and probably nothing else as an exploit.

    raise to around 200-300. he won't ever fold a Jack right away and we want to stack his nutty range.

    keeping the BTN in the hand is a minor concern since he has a small stack and he either pretty much whiffed the flop or has Jx which goes broke anyways no matter what you do.
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