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Gunshot with backdoors OOP vs short stack. Continuation bet or not?

$5/10 game. Passive call happy rec players.
After 4 limpers , Hero raises KcQh from MP to 60$ with 1000$ . Folds around to BTN who cold calls with 220$ behind. He was the only short stack at the table with others having atleast 500$+. Everyone folds.
Flop (170$) Jc9c8s. BTN has 220$ left and we are OOP.
What is the best play here? We can't really check call here.
I overbet 220$ and put him all-in. I thought he would fold all small pairs and Axo/Axs type hands unless they flopped flush draw or hit a pair.
I have a tight nutty image at the table but not sure if he noticed it. We have been playing for almost 2hrs.
Is this a good bet? I thought this bet would maximize my fold equity and even if he called we have 2 overcards+gut shot and backdoor flush draw. Or is this a spew?


  • Jack7777 Posts: 655Subscriber
    I think you have to put V on a hand. This is the kind of flop that hits a lot of hands, You have two overs, but this board might give V a better hand. V could also have a flush draw. You have a gut and a bd to the second nuts. You have fold equity, but what will V fold? You are giving him decent odds to call if he hit the rich flop.

    Maybe look for better spot.
  • neverlearn2 Posts: 2,862Subscriber
    Rather bet fold then Just shove.

    Yea we got FE but seems this flop really hits villains range more then an all low flop.
  • nopair Posts: 350Subscriber
    edited July 2017
    GODMODE09 said:
    We can't really check call here.
    Sure you can. You have 40% equity against a hand as strong at AJ. You have 44% against 66.

    But check-calling probably isn't you best line. Trying to get some fold equity on the flop is better. Moving in is fine, especially if you target opponent as a baby pair player. You could also try 60 on the flop and 160 on the turn, and make a bit of a show on the turn by sticking out 400 or so, as if you didn't notice his stack.

    "Rather bet fold then Just shove"

    Can't ever do that. Folding here is no option, and certainly not if we bet any more into the pot. We have fine pot odds if the chips go all-in, and we have either one or two chances at fold equity. If we bet 60 into 170, then we get raised, we are calling 160 at 450... and even our draws against JT and AT are giving us the right price. Only against sets or QT are we not getting a good price, but even those aren't terrible.

    Bottom line, this is a better than average flop for this hand. The EV for playing the hand is probably slightly positive, as long as we don't fold.
  • neverlearn2 Posts: 2,862Subscriber
    cant we bet fold $50 on flop? we bet small enough to keep our hands wide, also gives Villain size to call with his draws instead of having to push. If he does shove over, we could fold for whats going to be 170 to us with 440 in pot. 610/170=27%

    If we give him a shoving range of 88-QQ, AJo-AKo, KQs, KQo, ATs-AKs gives us 28%.

    Nopair, u are right. We cant fold if we bet. Now do we shove or c/c?
  • Happyluckbox Posts: 27Member
    Ship it
  • CycleV Posts: 1,195Subscriber
    ship it and top up
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