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Main event lacked a big name at table

I watched portions of the main event on ESPN sling tv. I do not have cable anymore too expensive . I only bought sling tv to watch main event It will be cancelled tonight. I actually fell asleep more than once during the heads up between Ott and Blumstein. Someone on two plus two mentioned he was friends with Blumstein but they had a falling out 3yrs ago. He also mentioned that Blumstein can be a real nasty arrogant prick if you have a falling out or get on his bad side. I dont know that nor do i care . I just thought i would mention it. As far as the telecast , without a marquee name like Ivey , Matusow , J Little Escandiari or even Mike Dentale or Maurice Hawkins, the event itself is a super snoozefest. The event needs one of those guys to make it interesting or watchable. 7k entries plus makes it kind of impossible to hope that one of your favorite celebrities makes it to the final 9.


  • BKismBKism Posts: 203SubscriberProfessional
    Wow, I never heard a bad thing about Blumstein before and many people that I know are genuinely happy for him. Ott is good friends with a couple of my poker acquaintances and they love him and his brother. I felt and still feel real good about the Main Event results.

    @Nofriends333, maybe you can work harder this year and final table in 2018, so you will have someone to root for.
  • nofriends333 Posts: 883Troll
    BK there is always a first for everything . Someone on two plus two i wont post his name had this to say about Blumstein
    Main Event Thoughts

    Yesterday I took off and went to the bar with my roommates and watched the main event on their TV. For the 2nd time in 3 years I very personally know the chip leader to start the final table of the main, and for the 2nd time in 3 years I don't even know if I'm rooting for him. Scott Blumstein and I were actually pretty close friends for a few years and then 2014 we had a pretty nasty falling out. The Scott I knew is how most people know him, a really nice guy who seems to genuinely care for his friends and has a good heart. But man did he flip a switch when we got into an argument that escalated and said some really nasty things to me that made me really question who he is. Overall I think he's probably a good guy who got carried away when he felt he'd been wronged and we both acted immaturely. I guess I'm cheering for him but it's a bit weird since we haven't really spoken since then. We actually played basketball last year together during one of the Borgata series and won a couple of 3v3 games together lol but again we didn't talk much. If you search this thread I have a post in here somewhere describing us playing 3 handed in one of the NJ 10Ks while I was in AC.
  • neverlearn2 Posts: 2,862Subscriber
    breaking news 2 poker players got into an argument.

    he could be the biggest douchebag in the world, as long as he isnt hurting or abusing defenseless people who cares.
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