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2/2 To bluff or not to bluff on the River

I´m 1 hour in the game. My image is neutral. V is a loose recreational player. Saw him limp/raise AA utg. Eff stacks 270, he covers.

I have J J in MP2. utg and V in utg+1 limp, I raise to 14 and both players call.

Flop (46): 7 8 T I cbet 35 and only V calls.

Turn (116): A He checks and I check it back.

River (116) 2 V checks. So I don´t think he has a strong flush here, because he probably would bet. Maybe he has something like 9T, JT, QT, A9, AT, KT, 89, QJ, 4c5c, 5c6c, 6c8c, 5c8c....

Do you think it´s better to check behind in this situation or should I turn my hand into a bluff ?


  • Jesse_The_Suit Posts: 493SubscriberProfessional
    Eh, he is a rec player right? I don't generally try to bluff a rec off a random flush card. I have gotten called in similar situation by people who don't even have the flush card. Still, maybe an underbluff might work enough to be profitable (as in won't work much, but might get him to fold a 3 high flush).
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