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Go with a monster draw or fold?

Pineapples Posts: 18Subscriber
edited July 2017 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
I am in the HJ with 46cc, stacks are 170 effective, I ISO raise over one limper to 10 (1-2 blinds). CO calls, Button calls, limper calls. Flop is 10c, 5d, 7c. I c bet 15 into the 43 dollar pot, CO calls, Button then raises to 100, limper folds. This guy is a semi-competent player whom I have seen play draws hard. This raise is a ridiculous size, basically forcing me to go with my hand or fold. Now, if he does have a naked flush draw, how bad am I doing? I have 8 straight outs and 6 pair outs, so 14 outs. If I'm up against a set, I have 7 good flush outs that won't pair and 8 straight outs, 15. I'm not in terrible shape against anything really (except for pair and flush draw, 8outs against that), but I hate that I basically have no fold equity left. My question is, do I just fold 6 hi here, or get it in with the dead money already in? (Pot was 173$, 85$ to call, I only have 145 left).



  • stayinschool Posts: 2,969Subscriber
    I think we have to go with it getting around 2-1. we'll just 33% enough vs a range. Gambling in these spots is also good for your image and gives you a chance to get deep.
  • Pineapples Posts: 18Subscriber
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