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2/5 ARIA JJ All in?

JWest0926 Posts: 15SubscriberProfessional
10 pm thursday at Aria. I've been in the game for 3 hours, $800 effective. TAG image. I open JJ to 25 after 1 limp in MP with 1 post behind. Post calls $1000 effective (reg) and limper calls (inexperienced player). Flop Q67 rainbow. I'm pretty certain I have the best hand, however I decided to check the flop, there arent many overcards I fear and no flush draw. Checks to me, I check and the poster bets 45 into 75. Limper folds, I call. Turn is a 9 of clubs bringing in a back door club draw. I have red JJ. I decide to check planning on calling. the late position reg now bets 100. To me at this point this bet is fairly polarizing. based on my image, when i check call the flop I could have a strong Q. I had been playing a bit nitty. Maybe he has 10 8? however his range is so wide, so I make the call. River pairs the 6 which is a great card for me, I check again, and now player bets $230. I think for 2 minutes and move all in. If he has a straight, the river could have boated me up. And I do have a history of playing tricky. My all in is maybe $350 more to him. He tank folds after maybe 3 minutes. What do you think? If he either has bluffs or a straight, how often does he fold the straight? This is the largest bluff I have made. Just not sure if he folded a value hand.
by 1Tmp0085


  • Tmp0085 Posts: 21SubscriberProfessional
    edited May 2018
    I don't really like this play without some very specific history with the V. If you think he is polarized to either a straight or bluff, you think he will fold a straight getting like 3.5:1 on the river? If hes aggro enough to run a 3 barrel bluff into the PFR, he is probably not also folding a straight here when he has it. Your line looks super passive and the 6 on the river is not a good bluff card for you. It makes it less likely neither you or him have 66, or 76s. Q6 shouldn't even be in your range. So this makes it a good bluff catching card for you but I wouldn't turn JJ into a bluff here...you block JT but unblock clubs which I feel are the 2 most likely 3 barrel bluff candidates for V.

    If you're boated you likely have QQ or 77, and unless you're known as the trappiest player in the word your line looks super strange IMO, especially the c/r OTR.
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