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Bringing my ladies in to a large crowd- $2/5 hand question

CashDonk Posts: 6Member
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
I'm posting this hand for my brother, but I felt like it was a pretty silly spot, though maybe a trivial spot: who knows! I'm not the greatest cash game player of them all!

Anyways, we have $1200 in-front of us (in for 900, just a swingy day). Villain in this hand just came to the table a few orbits ago. Younger guy (late 20s) seems to know ABC poker, but don't really think he is capable of getting out of line. Villain in this hand starts w/ about $525. Our image right now is, I'm not too sure tbh. We have been losing pots here and there (over set once), so I don't know if we have a losing image to the table, but we have been fighting back, so think we have more of a winning image.

We are UTG w/ QcQs and raise to $15. UTG +1 (villain) calls. CO calls. BTN calls. SB calls. BB defends.

Pot: $90

Flop comes: 446r.

Checks to us. We cbet $65. Villain calls. Everyone else folds

Pot: $220

Turn: 6h (bringing backdoor hearts). Board is now: 44h66h

We bet $100. Villain takes a few seconds and calls.

Pot: $420

River: 9s (bricking out on the backdoor hearts)

What is our play?


  • eselspiel Posts: 115Subscriber
    Bet to get value from a worse PP.
    BTW, bet more OTT.
  • Not sure why pot was opened for only 15 utg but this sizing seems likely to be called by 5 people and put you in some awkward or even spots where you could even consider check folding like A or K high boards or very coordinated boards. Villain started with 525 and has put in 180 so has 345 left in a pot that is 420 now... seems pretty unlikely player has a full house given they called quickly on the turn. If they had a 6 they would def consider raising turn... possibly a 4 would call quickly but still, probably would think a little about it before calling. Straight draw also would think because of double paired board even though thats somewhat irrelevant given your range of utg raise.. it still wouldnt be a quick call... so yea looks like most likely 77-TT.. I dont really mind small turn sizing because you are way ahead or way behind here most likely he has two outs so you are getting good value and its cheap to bet fold if he shoves turn... on river if he is abc tight and would fold those hands to a shove make a smaller bet again giving possibility to bet fold maybe? 140?? pretty redic fold given it will be 200 to call his shove to win 900 but not that crazy... or just shove... if he thinks you're bluffing and is a bad station you could get a call or he flopped quads and you lose but its only a 100BB stack to not that crazy...

    raise more preflop will result in bigger bet on flop and turn will be much easier to play just bet to get it in
  • ILYA Posts: 129Subscriber
    OK - quick and painless...
    Raise more pre - you want 1 or 2 callers, not 5.
    Bet less flop. Whoever doesn't have you beat is drawing pretty slim, except the flush draw. But vs 5 people - tread lightly.
    Turn is just a check and live read on the guy's action. Your bet is much more likely to be burning money drawing to 2 outs, then protecting you against the flush draw. Dont' know if the guy is good enough to turn flush draw into a bluff. But you gotta sort that out real time. Nothing wrong with a check/fold, if that's your read.
    If c/c on the turn, you're still checking river and live reading. 77 is not gonna pay off on the river bet.
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