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5/10 NL O8 Hand

dpoker52 Posts: 9Subscriber
5/10 NL O8, 9 handed. Stacks range from $400 to 3K. Game is filled with all regulars, everyone knows each other pretty well.

V1 - $700 - MP - Older woman, she is the definition of loose passive.
V2 - $860 - MP2 - Middle-aged woman, solid winning player. Plays poker for a living, predominately Omaha variations.
Hero - $1700 - BB - My standard image with this crew is a loose-aggressive wining player. Last few hours I have been fairly card dead, so my image is currently on the tighter side.

I have Q Q 4 2 in the BB. 5 limps, SB calls, I check. 7-handed to the flop.

Flop($70): Q A 7

SB checks, I lead $50, V1 and V2 both call fairly quickly, all others folded.

Turn($220): T

I pause, V1 has the appearance that she likes the turn card, no indications of anything from V2, I check. V1 bets $100. V1 rarely lead bets or raises, mostly just calls, so the only hand I can put her on here is KJxx. V2 without much hesitation raises to $800. This has to be Broadway, and probably with a high hand redraw or low draw of some sort. V2 is smart enough to realize that V1 more than likely has Broadway, and wouldn't make this over-bet with a set + low draw or something like that. When the action comes to me I look at V1 and she is arranging her chips to call.

Hero? 2nd set with 2nd nut low draw. Call or fold?


  • BartBart Posts: 5,976AdministratorLeadPro
    This is NLO8 right where I assume everyone always goes nuts with AA preflop?

    I would fold here pretty easily, even if you aren't worry about getting over boated. But then again I have seen some really awful play at 10-25 Big O at the WSOP this year, so this could be a player dependent spot.

  • dpoker52 Posts: 9Subscriber
    I ended up folding because I couldn't guarantee all or most of my high outs were good, and my low draw could be 2nd best as well. I was confident that neither villain had AA due to no raise on the flop or pre-flop, but they could have AT, A7, with their made straight on the turn.

    Thanks for the response.
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