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LATB $25 $50

One of the more entertaining shows i have watched to date was last night LATB with Matusow Kasouff & Helmuth . Kassouf constant yapping and tanking was driving matusow nuts. Helmuth was seated next to Kassouf and his ear had just about enough also One of the hands where Kasouff has KK and the other guy has A ??? A on the flop Kasouff was talking a mile a minute but not acting . Matusow had enough and says "ooy gevalt make up your fuckin mind You got KK he hit an A on the flop . It happens so lets move on and be done with the hand " Later on Kassouf asks Matusow if he thinks hes funny Matusow replied "Your not funny your annoying " Unfortunate i dont subscribe to LATB so i cant watch the replay but for those of you that subscribe check it out .
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