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Expanded thoughts on Mini-Tilt

I've benefited often by paying attention at the table and knowing who may be on "mini-tilt". This would be described by Bart as someone who just lost a big hand within the last orbit or two. They may not be visibly tilted but losing a big pot usually burns for at least a little while until they win a pot. You want to keep an eye on this person for a general tendency to bluff more and play more hands to force the action and try to win it back.

But I have a theory that I think can expand this concept. I personally have problems with over-adjustment. Meaning if I got bluffed I may call too much later in the same session and if I made a bad call I may fold too much later in the session. I think I have good control over my mental game but this over-adjustment even gets me often. Got me thinking, do most other players do the same thing? I expect the answer is yes. We make a bad decision and then berate ourselves in our heads. "Why did you call that, they always have it there". And then......fold too much. "Why did you bluff there, he always calls". And then.....play way too nitty.

So now when I look at mini-tilt I also try to remember how they lost the pot......

If they lost a big pot making a bad call: They actually can be bluffed more easily. If then lost to a shitty hand, expect they are going to start playing many more hands trying to hit something, but still not calling unless then hit. Good spot for river bluffs.

If they lost a big pot getting shown a bluff: Time to bet for big value and never bluff them until after they win their next pot.

If they lost a big pot caught bluffing: Don't make any big calls. Don't think, "Wow this guy is a bluffer, I'm calling". That's fine mentality if you pick up on this in small pots, but if they got caught in a big one, don't expect another big one right away in the next couple orbits.

Appreciate your thoughts. Games I play in are 5-5 and 5-10, but very heavy on recreational players if that makes a difference.


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