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1/2 New Table with Top Pair

My second hand at this table. I know none of the villains. We're 7 handed at this moment. UTG limps, I raise K Q to $10 UTG+1. HJ to my left calls, as does SB and UTG. SB and UTG start the hand $200 effective, I cover. SB is a MAWG, UTG is a MABG.

Flop ($42): Q T 8
SB checks, UTG donk bets $20, I raise (?) to $50 (?), HJ folds, SB cold calls, UTG calls.

Turn ($192): 7
SB checks, UTG checks, I bet $120 (?), SB folds, UTG tanks for a little bit before shoving for $30 more. I call (?)

Basically, wherever there are question marks, how is the line? I figured raising flop is probably best due to the draw heavy nature of the board and I could get more value. When SB calls, I don't think he has a hand better than mine. Not so sure about UTG, but again given how drawy the board is I expect two pair or sets to just jam flop. How is the line overall?


  • MonadPrimeMonadPrime Posts: 803Member
    edited September 2017
    Looks standard, though I'd go bigger pre like $14-16.
  • sanox Posts: 82Subscriber
    Your flop raise is a bit small also. I like the raise though as you don't have any in your hand. I might have called if I had the K or the Q of
    by 1CycleV
  • CycleV Posts: 908Subscriber
    If you're going to raise the flop, raise it proper. If there wasn't a donk lead you'd probably go psb, I'd aim for a raise in that neighbourhood as well. Makes turn an easy shove (if you want to, depending on run out.)
    Turn is a shrug-call, never folding for 30 bucks.
  • ohsnapzbrah Posts: 632Subscriber
    Normally I do go a bit bigger preflop, but it was the second hand and I didn't have any $1 chips and I hate throwing out 3 reds and having the dealer make change, slows the game up. I also do think the flop raise needs to be bigger. My normal cbet on a board like this would be $30 or $35, so I guess $60-$65 would be a bit more optimal.

    V did have T8. Not why I posted it, but it felt like I may had been a tad bit too aggressive with raising and just getting it in. Good to see that a few other posters would play it relatively the same way
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