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River baby flush, go for thin value?

TastesLikeBurning Posts: 429SubscriberProfessional
$2/5 V is loose bluffy MAndianG who may be on tilt, H looks like he could be tilting too. H has been opening and 3 betting a ton, some for bluffing but the majority has been for value.

400 eff V opens 15 utg H calls red 66 next in rest fold

Qx T 7 H calls 20.
4 turn H calls 25
Q river V checks



  • psi1122 Posts: 130Subscriber
    edited September 2017
    I would just check it back here, unless if you have a personal read or something that this guy likes to hero. I really can't see us getting called by two many worse hands, maybe AQ maybe some worst Qx, maybe AA or KK, but I think some of those are finding folds.

    On this paired board, with a 6 high flush, I'll just take the showdown expecting to win a lot.

    I'm not super opposed to betting like small-ish to get heroed by some Qx, but I think that's more wishful thinking. But Idk, is he a guy going to tilt call a lot?
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