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*** 2/5 Borgata TP on river (hand 2)

ClockClock Posts: 1,098Subscriber
2/5 @ Borgata. They just raised the cap to 1K (it used to be $500) There's a tourney series going on.
1K effective

V is older guy
V UTG limps, folded to HERO in SB, HERO makes it 30 with ATs, BB folds, UTG limper calls, HU to flop:
Flop (65) A95r - HERO bets 25, V string raises to 75.
It's ruled to be only 50 (because of string), HERO calls

I think flop call is pretty standard, I didn't like that he intended to made it 3x, but still obv UTG limp can have any Ax and I bet small on he might be trying "protect" his Ace or w/e, plus I'm getting great price 'cause its ruled a min raise anyway.

Turn (165) Qo - HERO checks, V bets 125, HERO calls
I think we have to call at least one more time for same reasons, but I don't like this size of this bet, plus it looks like either he's for some reason not worried about AQ

River (415) Ko - HERO checks, V bets 225, HERO?


  • ohsnapzbrah Posts: 632Subscriber
    Good spot to check flop imo. We do flop an A with a decent kicker, but we have a one or two street hand. That plus being OOP, we can really keep his range wider with a smaller pot. AK and AQ is a definitely bet, AJ is probably borderline.

    As played, xf turn. What action do we want to see on the river, aside from check/check? What cards, aside from a T, would we be comfortable calling a bet on? He's already raised us with intent on raising larger, he just put in a fairly large turn bet, and he's an old guy. We don't block sets, he could easily be going off with AK, we're dead to AQ, and there aren't any flop draws that he may go off on.

    River is a xf for reasons stated above.
  • KSMKSM Posts: 222Subscriber
    I usually don't like c-betting on the flop less than what the pre-flop raise was at 2/5 and below because it sometimes induces unwarranted spazz. Now theoretically if you're betting that amount with your whole range you will profit from the times we have very strong hands. However I don't really think this approach is worth it at this level because our main goal is to get value from our hands and most of the time we'll just be short changing ourselves on building a pot.
    That all being said, you can definitely take this approach as an exploit against some lagtard villains that are prone to raising this sort of sizing.

    Anyway, as played I probably fold turn. The only way you could really be good here is if your flop sizing induced him to raise, and in which case further proves my previous point about flop sizing inducing spazz. I can't imagine he'd continue all three streets with air and there aren't really any bluffs.
  • AJoff Posts: 546Subscriber
    My intitial impression is to fold, but His river bet seems so polar. Villains don't spazz as much as you think, but if this is only JT or spazz, I guess we should call.

    I'm fine with the flop bet sizing, if I were forced to pick between a large bet and checking, I might check. If his range was only small suited As and pocket pairs, a big bet could be better, but I would think his range is significantly wider.
  • ClockClock Posts: 1,098Subscriber
    As far as betting vs checking flop.
    If we assume that his UTG limp/calling range includes Axo (which I believe is the case) and ALL small/mid PP, why not bet the flop?

    Depending on run out I might take AT for all 3 streets with small sizing cause Ax never folding.

    The way the game was playing I can tell you that PP will call at least once, so I feel like it's better to bet flop, maybe check turn (depending on run out) and bet river for value to try to get looked up by mid pair (obv. Ax never folding)
  • sanox Posts: 82Subscriber
    I would also check flop and as played, probably fold river. While you block JT, he has A9/99/55/A5 in his range and you have much better hands in your range to call with .

    By the way, is the Borgata still 10 handed or did they move to 9 handed ?
  • ClockClock Posts: 1,098Subscriber
    10 handed, $5 time (not rake) for 30 min.
  • Beatsme Posts: 585Subscriber
    So I like the flop bet because like you said Ax is never folding.... they are calling. Which is the concerning part of this hand. I think the villains flop raise is to "see where he is at". When you call would he really bet again ott with A8s? I doubt it. I like the way the hand up until the turn. Given villain description and his aggressive line I think I just pitch it here ott.
  • Beatsme Posts: 585Subscriber
    Side note regarding villains string bet. First off a few assumptions.... an older rec player there to have a good time, prob a loosing player, he is not a total nit

    If the above statement is true and if you think his clear intention was to raise to 75 then you should allow the bet to stay. Its a heads up pot and you the player should be able to allow the bet to stay (even if the dealer chimed in first to tell the villain that his bet is not a valid action.) Just my 2 cents... make the rec player feel welcomed!
  • ClockClock Posts: 1,098Subscriber
    I didn't say a thing about string bet, the dealer did...
    I usually don't argue at the table (unless it's some blatant BS and for big $$$) 'cause it's sure to cause a scene and waste a ton of time.
    In this case I know what would have happened anyway, floor woulud be called and it would be ruled a string bet - 100% !!!
  • ClockClock Posts: 1,098Subscriber
    Turn is questionable, but I found that a lot of the older guys will often fire twice with a hand like Ax if they don't believe you hit the flop
    Even though turn bet doesn't make sense, they just bet to kind tell you -
    "Hey! I got an Ace and you don't, so just FOLD!"
    I've seen a lot of weird shit from older guys, so I dunno...it guess it's close on turn.


    HERO folded. V didn't show.
    I thought on the river he would def shut down any Ax and prob even checks behind hands like A9 or A5 'cause he'd be scared of AK/AQ
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