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2/5 weird hand, raised in a dry sidepot

H ($1,100): mid 20's has only been at the table for half-hour
V1 ($1,800): mid 40's indian guy who I have played with a bunch. He is usually very ABC but ive seen him make some strange bluffs and weird plays over several times I have played with him. I think he thinks I am a very strong player
V2 ($186) : Business looking guy, never played with, seems like a fish

The entire table is straddling so I agree to as well for the round. 5 limpers, I look down at K 4 in the straddle and check

Flop ($60) K 4 3
I check, V1 bets $40, V2 calls, I raise to $140. V1 quickly calls and V2 goes all-in for $176 total. I can't raise so I call and V1 calls.

Turn ($588) 2 H bets $175 into sidepot, V pretty quickly min raises to $350. H?
I end up just flatting and wanting to evaluate what V does on the river.

River ($588 in main and $700 in sidepot) 10 completing backdoor flush. H checks and v pushes all-in after about 3 seconds. H?


  • neverlearn2 Posts: 2,827Subscriber
    limped pot. has 56 in range along with sets and 2pr. We cut down his Kx and 4x 2 pair combos, leaves all combos of straights and 33 and K3.

    Now V1 leads into multiple people in a limped pot, this really fits in with his draws and weaker made hands. He also deosnt raise over when given opportunity too when he knows you are probably aggro and can have a wide range here, why else would we raise?

    Yet he still just flats, very nutted or draw heavy IMO.

    Turn brings in 2 draws and a BD.

    I think this is a fold. If villain shoved over on flop I could make more of a case to call vs that range but his flop bet/calling range is too draw heavy for me. We are assuming that he does with K2? That logic is flawed a bit because if he felt that tied to it why not raise flop? is he that bad that all of sudden he stink K2 is the nuts on this board?
  • sanox Posts: 82Subscriber
    What is vilain position ? If he has position on you , he was not in the blinds, but did he limp after other limpers or did he limp in EP.

    In all cases , I really can't see what we beat here and his range seems very unbalanced on the value side. Maybe you beat one combo of K2s and one of K3s, but he has in his range all Kxcc, 56, 33 , etc.
    If you had the Kc , maybe we could find a call , but I am not even sure

  • psi1122 Posts: 130Subscriber
    River seems like a sigh-fold. The almost snap all-in makes me almost want to call, makes me feel like he's trying to seem strong here, thus meaning he's weak. But I just don't see that many things we're beating.

    It's possible villain could be sassing and doing something dumb. But I think he's going to have us beat most of the time here, feels like a straight or a set most of the time.
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