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2/2 plays like 2/5, so just play 2/5?

Vans14 Posts: 66Member
edited September 2017 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
My card room has a 40/300 buyin limit for 2/2, and a 200/800 limit for 2/5. The standard 2/2 open raise is usually anywhere from $12-17, mostly due to frequent straddling with many of the average stack sizes being 50BB or even less. Lots of limping of course and people calling for 1/3 of their stack with no odds whatsoever.

The 2/5 game doesnt play quite as bloated. The standard open there is usually $20-25, and avg stack sizes are usually around 60-100BB and quite often a few players having 150BB+. I used to play 2/5 for a living so the player pool isnt that much better and I'm comfortable at this limit. (went busto trying to be a baller outside of poker so I moved down)

So clearly 2/5 still plays bigger than 2/2, but not that much bigger. Considering they both have $7 max rake ($5 + 2 BBJ) I'm wondering if it's quite simply +EV to just move up and play here despite not being rolled for it.
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